At Nuplas, we offer flexible laminates that comprises of material from various substrates. Each substrates are included in the design / structure depending on the need. Each performs specific requirement, be it for improving Aesthetic value to barrier – protection of product inside.

The substrates used in laminates are broadly divided into following categories:

For Printing: PET, BOPP, PVC

For Barrier / protection: Aluminium foil, Met PET, Met BOPP

For Sealing: Heat Seal Lacquers, LDPE, LLDPE etc.


The substrates and its thickness/sizes can be chosen from the wide available range to suit particular requirements of the customer.

Advantages of Flexible Laminates:

  • Offers flexibility / variety of material of choice for ideal packaging
  • Ease of use, less weight – less storage space
  • Flexibility in designing of package / printing matters to improve Aesthetic appeal overall
  • Wide range of products can be packed using these laminates